Orthodontics have come a long way. Invisalign is a new system of clear, full coverage retainers that are rigid enough to move teeth. Each liner is worn by the patient for a few weeks and then a new liner which is just a little bit tighter than the last one. As you progress along the sequence of new liners every few weeks, you slowly begin to see your teeth moving into a beautiful alignment. One of the biggest advantages of clear liners is that they are virtually unnoticeable when you wear them. More and more adult patients who were unwilling to subject themselves to the "metal mouth" syndrome were reluctant to pursue this course of treatment, however, with the clear liners, that rational has been eliminated. And since you can remove the liners anytime you want, you have greater freedom to not have to wear them during special occasions. The flat surface of the clear liners eliminates mouth sores and cuts that happen with the traditional bracket and wire system when there are accidental bumps against the lips. Again, because Dr. Moon originally started with the bracket and wire system, he has intimate knowledge of the pros and cons of both systems. As each patient is individual with differing needs, Dr. Moon will be able to recommend the system thats best for you. The reoccurring theme in our office is that we get to know the patient first and we try to incorporate that into treatment. Something that has nothing to do with fixing teeth can affect treatment, such as, would a young student with a spontaneous and less organized character trait be responsible enough to wear their retainers every single day?

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