Having Some Fun On My Day In Mission Viejo, Ca

If you're planning a trip to California and you want to come to Orange County then you should consider Mission Viejo. This city is located in one of the best areas of California and the weather is near perfect. The average temperature ranges around 68 degrees and about 88% humidity. That kind of weather is typical year-round and most often it's sunny so it's the perfect spot any time of year.

This city was actually originally founded by the infamous Don Juan. Coming to the city founded by the quintessential lover is likely appealing to many people as it was to me. When I came to enjoy a fun day in Mission Viejo I wasn't sure what to expect but what I found was a place that I greatly enjoyed.

Shopping At The Mall

I don't know about you but whenever I go to California or New York, shopping is always one of the things that I'm interested in doing. The Mission Viejo Mall is an incredible place and I couldn't believe how clean and up-to-date the stores were and there was simply every type of story that you could possibly imagine. After a bit of shopping, I was interested in taking a break and decided to visit the Cheesecake Factory.

The mall is so large and with so many different shops as well as places to relax and grab a bite to eat or a snack or drink, it just made it easy to spend the whole day there. It wasn't until late in the evening when I finally bought something and I did it just because I had spent the whole day there and thought since I have taken up a day shopping then I should at least buy something. But the main point was how much I enjoyed my time in the city's Mall.

Athena Spa

I'm all for pampering myself on holiday and I decided to take advantage of the Athena Spa. They offer everything you can think of from facials to body wraps and scrubs to massages for individuals and for couples. You can find this Spa at Ayres Hotel which is an exclusive place where guests are pampered and the spa is also open to the public. For that reason, you don't have to be staying at the hotel in order to enjoy the benefits of this fantastic Spa.

Californians really know how to live it up and if you're going to be traveling to California and you're in Mission Viejo, then you should absolutely take that opportunity to come and enjoy a marvelous couple of hours where you're treated like you're a princess or prince and when you leave, you feel like a star.

Play Live Nation

This city has a unique place that you should absolutely visit when in the city. It's a social gaming lounge and it allows you to play video games using very high-end gaming stations. It's an experience that you're not likely to have anywhere else and it's something that you should definitely give a try when visiting Mission Viejo.

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