Dental Implants

The new buzz word in dentistry is Implants. Everyone wants to replace missing teeth with the newest technology and not have to get an old fashioned bridge. The difference between the tooth is that an implant is a singular screw system that is placed into the bone where the tooth is missing and holds a tooth shaped crown to fill in the space. A bridge does not go into the bone, but instead is cemented directly onto the teeth that are adjacent to the space. Because the implant requires a minor surgical procedure to place the implant into the bone, there is usually a 6-month down time of healing that takes place as the bone integrates the implant. Also, many dentists don’t feel comfortable doing the surgery themselves and therefore refer the patient out to a specialist. Here in our office, Dr. Moon does all the surgeries himself as well as the restoration. Because he has years of experience placing his own implants, he can use this experience to piggy back on the aesthetic portion of the way the crown is going to look at the final stage. There is no need to go to a different office, there is no chance of miss communication between 2 different doctors opinions on where the implant should be placed for optimal strength and beauty, and there is always congruency with Dr. Moons philosophy of least invasive options first. There is much to be said for receiving all of the treatment options from a single practitioner who is in control of every aspect of the project from the ground up. And, believe it or not, not every patient is a good candidate for implants. Dr. Moon will be able to give you clear, straight-forward and unbiased recommendations because he uses multiple systems and is not limited to a single way of restoring a missing space.

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