Easing Dental Fears

After being in practice for over two decades, we have come to understand that there are many levels of dental fears. Most of us can deal with minor levels of fear but there are special individuals that suffer severe dental phobia. Dental fears are very real and it can be a detrimental for someone who may be experiencing it in any given circumstance. We have treated patients with extreme levels of dental phobia with success because we take special measures to treat them. Communication is the KEY to success when it comes to treating patients with any levels of fear. We take time to listen to them and understand our patient’s perspective. Sometimes we will get their entire life story of a negative experience they have had in the past but that’s okay because we are here to listen to them. Other times, they are scared of the needle or the noise and smell. Everyone is different and every patient needs to be accommodated in their own unique way. Once we sit down and listen to our patient’s struggles, we can then have a chance to not only have a better understanding of who they are but we then get a chance to know how to service our patients so that they will end up having a positive experience. We have been blessed enough to have a number of patients who over came their fears with a lot of tender loving care. It wasn’t easy! It took a lot of time to earn their trust in us.

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